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How to reach email subscribers who have enabled Gmail inbox tabs

Gmail recently rolled out changes to its inbox organization that filters marketing emails into a separate, non-primary tab known as the Promotions tab. This means your marketing messages could be skipping your Gmail subscribers' primary inboxes and landing in a separate, de-prioritized tab where they won't be seen as immediately or regarded as closely. Not good! ... keep reading →

Announcing: Signal affiliate program

Signal is a robust marketing platform that solves a fairly simple issue: you're using multiple channels to reach customers, so why not house all your contacts and campaigns under one roof? Before many of our customers found Signal, they were running marketing campaigns across a host of platforms, with SMS contacts in one bucket and ... keep reading →

How to transfer your SMS marketing program to another provider

After you've created a text message program and have built up a base of subscribers, you may find that you want to transfer your program to another service provider. This often happens when: You're dissatisfied with the service your current SMS marketing company is providing You want to switch to a provider that offers a more robust set of text ... keep reading →

Creating and sending digital coupons in Signal

Last week we hosted a webinar on digital coupons, which encompass all deals and discount offers that are distributed digitally, from printable email coupons to codes that unlock when a consumer checks into a business via their mobile phone. Our presentation covered the kinds of coupons you can generate and distribute (and track!) using the Signal ... keep reading →

When it comes to adding subscribers, think outside the box

A lot of marketers default to the most obvious place to advertise their SMS lists: in-store advertising. It makes sense. You've got a captive audience of customers dining or waiting in line at check-out — it seems like the perfect time to ask them to opt-in to receive alerts and coupons from your business, right? ... keep reading →

4 email marketing tips for dealing with new Gmail inbox tabs

On May 29 of this year, Gmail rolled out major changes to the way its users view and categorize their incoming email. We've talked a little on this blog about how marketers can deal with "inbox fatigue." These recent changes indicate Gmail has been grappling with a similar issue, albeit from a different side. How do you ... keep reading →

What 1890s newspaper tycoons can teach you about writing effective email subject lines

In the 1890s, William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer knew headlines sold newspapers. I've seen an epidemic of awful email subject lines lately. They blandly describe the "news of the week" without telling me why I should care, and they're not compelling me to open any emails. Here's a recent example from Pinterest.  "Concerts on a plane" ... keep reading →

4 reasons FOMO is killing your email marketing plan and how to stop it

FOMO, or "fear of missing out," is that nagging feeling that if you could just be everywhere, all the time, with everyone, you wouldn't miss out on any opportunities. It is a particularly dangerous malady for email marketers. Here are 4 reasons why FOMO might be killing your email marketing plan and how you can curb it. FOMO ... keep reading →

How to get more Twitter followers: 11 things every business can do

It's perfectly valid to want more Twitter followers, especially if you're manning a Twitter account for business. The more followers you have, the more legitimate your business appears on social media. With more followers, your promotions are more potent, reaching more people who might be likely to take action or make a purchase. Having a larger community ... keep reading →

5 things you can do right now to improve email deliverability and open rates

You want your email marketing to reach its intended audience. Good email deliverability means your email campaigns are making it into inboxes versus ending up in SPAM folders. And once your campaign hits inboxes you want to compel the largest number of subscribers possible to actually open your message rather than delete them. Good open rates ... keep reading →