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Product Update: We Now Support Stats for Your Mobile-Optimized Landing Pages

Web pages, or landing pages, have long been a feature of the Signal platform. For years we’ve made it easy for you to create a landing page, place some marketing content on it, and serve it up to the masses. It is also dead simple to configure your landing page to collect data from your ... keep reading →

Funneling Customers into Specific Locations via SMS

Many customers use Signal to manage their digital marketing efforts across multiple locations. A common setup is for each location to have it’s own list (or database) of subscribers. With this configuration, accounts can easily send out SMS and email campaigns to their entire universe of subscribers, a set of people subscribed to a specific ... keep reading →

New feature: Template support for confirmation emails

List confirmation and welcome emails were two of the earliest email messages that the Signal platform supported. While the editor we provide to compose email campaigns has been dramatically improved over the past few years, the process for creating and updating confirmation and welcome emails has not. It was still the same collection of text ... keep reading →

Getting off the Couch(DB)

In 2009 we were were growing fast. Very fast. So fast in fact that we were beginning to crush our MySQL database while running queries against a few tables that had grown to contain between 10 and 30 million rows. We moved the data from some of our largest tables into CouchDB to help us ... keep reading →

Monitoring and Reporting at Signal

Monitoring and reporting are a critical part of any business that relies on technology. At any point in time you should know exactly what state your system is in. This window into the health of your system helps you diagnose and troubleshoot problems, plan for the future, and most importantly, prevent issues from happening in ... keep reading →

Focus on deliverability

Ensuring that customers get your message is a big deal to us. We’ve spent the last five years scaling our infrastructure so that messages can be sent quickly. A good example of this is with our customer redbox, who sends out a time sensitive rental coupon to more than 3 million subscribers once a month. ... keep reading →

Searching Your SMS Message History Just Got Easier

This week we released some exciting updates to our SMS message search functionality. While most of the changes were done to help us manage the messages behind the scenes, we were able to introduce a few new features that our customers will be able to take advantage of. Search Messages Older Than 90 Days Before ... keep reading →

Scheduled Maintenance: Saturday, October 29th at 12:00 AM CDT

We will be performing some maintenance on two of our database servers on Saturday 10/29, starting at 12:00am (midnight Friday night / Saturday morning). The maintenance should be quick, and isn’t expected to take longer than 5 minutes. However, during that time, any operations that read from and write to the databases hosted on these ... keep reading →

Introducing Proby – Task monitoring made simple!

One Monday morning about a month ago, I was browsing through open issues in our bug tracker looking for something to work on. It was my week on “technical support”. At Signal, the engineer on technical support spends a week working on non customer facing issues with our infrastructure, process, etc, that are too large ... keep reading →

Product updates: July 29th, 2011

Date: July 29, 2011 Enhancements / Improvements