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Helpful list updates, new embedded web form builder

We’re excited to release a slew of new updates in Signal Engage to help make managing lists easier and give you faster access to data. In summary, we’ve simplified the process of managing your lists, added additional reporting to help you understand which signup methods are most effective, and we’ve made it easier to add a ... keep reading →

Welcome Gus, Charles and Sean!

I'm thrilled to welcome three new folks to the Signal Engage team: Justin 'Gus' Knowlden joins the team as Lead Engineer. Gus previously worked on the Signal Fuse product and has been part of the Signal (formerly BrightTag) engineering team since inception. Prior to Signal, Gus held technology leadership roles at CareRunner, Centro and United Airlines. Gus ... keep reading →

Signal is now Signal Engage

As a quick follow-up to our big acquisition news, we're excited to announce that BrightTag is adopting the Signal name, and the Signal product is now Signal Engage™. This product name change will help us align with the existing family of Signal products, Signal Tag and Signal Fuse. Existing Signal customers won't notice any changes ... keep reading →

Hello BrightTag!

​ It's with great pleasure that I announce that Signal has been acquired by BrightTag, a Chicago-based leader in real-time cross-channel marketing technology. We've known the folks at BrightTag for a long time, and are excited to join forces to continue investing in the Signal platform, and quickly accelerate our product development, marketing and sales efforts. What ... keep reading →

Note on OpenSSL CVE-2014-0160 security notice

Yesterday, the OpenSSL Project announced in notice CVE-2014-0160 that certain versions of its network software are susceptible to a flaw that could compromise encrypted communications between web servers and web client software such as browsers. This issue has been covered widely in the press as the Heartbleed vulnerability. While Signal does employ OpenSSL software, we can confirm ... keep reading →

Announcing SMS support in Spain

Good news for our international friends, we just released beta support for two-way text messaging in Spain. Connectivity in Spain is immediately available to Signal customers, with fees of $0.01 per inbound message and $0.08 per outbound message. If you're interested in running a program in Spain, just reach out to the Signal support team ( and we'll get ... keep reading →

Product update – November 14, 2013

It's been a busy few months for the team! Here's a quick recap of some helpful changes we've made to make your life better in Signal. Better tracking of email campaigns To start, we now automatically tag any links included in your email campaigns with UTM parameters. Not familiar? UTM parameters are used by Google Analytics to ... keep reading →

Announcing SMS support in the UK

I'm thrilled to announce beta support for SMS in the United Kingdom. If you're interested in adding UK messaging support to your account, send an email to the Signal support team and we'll get you set up. Outbound messages will be priced $0.05 USD per message, inbound messages will be free of charge. The Signal team is excited to expand our ... keep reading →

A deeper look into stats that matter

How do you measure the success of your marketing communications? List growth? Number of Twitter replies and retweets? Solid follower and subscriber retention? We believe the answer is all of the above, and that marketing success is measured by examining the combination of three metrics: Growth: Is my base of subscribers, followers and fans increasing? With a ... keep reading →

Scheduled activities now available in the Signal dashboard

To date, we've done a nice job of showing you recent marketing activities in the dashboard, but there's never been a way to see activities that you've scheduled for the future. To address this gap, we just added a timeline view designed to give you a quick look at what's ahead. You can toggle to this view from the dashboard by ... keep reading →